Creating a Culture

Creating a cultural workspace to pursue exploration, achievements, and socialization.
"My pal, acclaimed architect Travis Price says, ‘What’s needed is a new language where metaphor and a sense of the sacred inform the creation of all constructed space, such that technical wizardry and engineering, and the very raw materials of steel, cement, cable, and glass, would come together in forms that would inspire the imagination, give comfort to the soul, and render beautiful and radiant the urban centers today dominated by structures too often built as if conceived to diminish and ultimately crush the poetry and prayer that lies at the heart of life itself.’” —Travis Price, Founding Partner, Spacesmith

Whether or not you observe western Judeo Christian faith traditions, it seems like the Holy week is an appropriate time to review my Workplace Commandments.

Nancy Rhodes is VP of Finance and Administration at Bread for the World, the leading advocate in Washington, DC to "end hunger in our time." By urging the nation’s decision makers to enact more compassionate laws, Bread for the World leverages big changes for people in the US and around the world who struggle with hunger.

Listen to Nancy explain, in an excerpt from my interview with her (2 min video below), how their headquarters space reinforces their mission, animates their culture, and creates an energetic workforce that is more engaged and collaborative. And look for more on creating a high performance workforce in The Workplace is the New Church blog post at

Space Matters Mashore Perspective

People are looking for more “soulful” workplaces, rooted in practicality, but also aspirationaland inspirational.

Drivers for the new congregationthe workplace.

Exploration. Your congregants (employees) need autonomy and freedom.

Achievement. Your congregants are driven by goals: they relish completing tasks, mastering situations, and advancing in work.

Socialization. Your congregants find connection through groups and teamwork, they enjoy building strong personal relationships at work.

Impact. Your congregants are driven by opportunity and purpose.

Some organizations may not appreciate this reality, even as it becomes more pronounced. Those who don’t will be at a competitive disadvantage in the hunt for talent.

Don’t just take my word for ita Deloitte study concludes,

“Organizations that create a culture defined by meaningful work, deep employee engagement, in addition to job and organizational fit and strong leadership, are outperforming their peers and will beat their competition in attracting top talent.”

The Workspace Commandments

Our culture shall be a strategic priority—workspaces reflect the attitudes and value system of the organization.

Our workspace shall be a strategic priorityas the enterprise changes, adapts, and reinvents itself, so too must the workspace.

This should be a measure for all space, particularly in the offices where we spend most of our time.

Does your space enhance or undermine your organization’s mission? Does it reflect your identity? Does your space promote the workforce seeing itself as a community? Does it reinforce your culture and your brand?

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