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Performance is more than a one-dimensional journey.

There is an idea that at a certain point in our lives, we reach a peak level of ability, and then we deteriorate. But what if that idea is wrong?

What if we could continue to optimize our own performance, and our organization's performance? We can, when we understand the interrelationships between space – physical and metaphysical – culture, and technology.


The Foundational Pillars

Whether it's in the physical, or the metaphysical, everything we do happens in space and is impacted by the culture and technologies that surround us. Space can become a catalyst for transformation, leading to heightened performance.
Physical Space

The environment we operate in and around impacts our thoughts, behaviors, and actions.

Metaphysical Space

The mental realm within which we think and act impacts our relationships, interactions, and overall well-being.


Culture and space are inextricable. Space decisions enable or inhibit performance because they enable or inhibit culture.


The technology and tools designed to enhance human function influence how we leverage our physical space, but can also have positive and negative impacts on our metaphysical well-being.

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